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  • Micro-Market Vending

    Canteen's latest innovation...Avenue C, a revolutionary self-checkout vending market.
    Avenue C is a state-of-the-art micro-market that provides hundreds of snack, beverage and fresh food products in a beautiful, totally customizable retail space located right in your own workplace environment.  More than just food on-the-go for busy people, Avenue C uses Canteen’s proprietary Dynamic Merchandising technology to customize product offerings to customer preferences.

    Each market stocks at least 300 to 400 products, making it a great choice for clients looking for more variety for their employees. This expanded product offering also means more opportunity to offer local items, increased fresh food offerings, and more premium, better-for-you options.  Key features include:
     - The latest touch-screen technology
     - Multiple payment options including cash, debit, credit, thumbprint or Avenue C bar-coded card
     - Easy user account set-up
     - Cash acceptance for account loading
     - Camera monitoring (three different options to choose from based on security needs)
     - Web-based reporting and monitoring
     - A primary dedicated internet connection and backup system
     - Secure transactions

    Innovative. Convenient. Adaptable.
    In addition to allowing for greater product variety, Avenue C is designed to fit in almost any workspace or facility.  Our micro-markets offer ultimate flexibility and convenience, with versatile fixture options and two branding packages. If you think a micro-market might be right for your business, Canteen will survey the site, put together an innovative micro-market layout, and can install the market in as little as six to eight weeks.

    Avenue C eliminates the concept of operating hours as our “Always Fresh, Always On” service is ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your associates won’t have to leave the office to find the snacks or meals they’re looking for, and Avenue C is open when traditional full-service foodservice options are not.
    Why Avenue C?
    Canteen is responding to today’s customer needs by providing delicious, high-quality products right in their own business setting.  Avenue C creates value for both potential, as well as existing clients and allows Canteen to offer the most comprehensive solution in the market today.  We know that our customers lead busy lives, and we don’t think that should limit your options for healthy, quality meals and snacks. For the ultimate marriage between convenience and variety in vending, consider an Avenue C micro-market.

     - Increased product variety including snacks, beverages, fresh food and sundries
     - Increased employee excitement
     - Self-checkout with multiple payment options (credit, debit, thumbprint and/or employee cards)
     - Loyalty programs designed to support healthy choices

    Cutting Edge, Secure Technology
     - System uses a primary dedicated internet connection and backup system
     - The Avenue C kiosk uses a Visa Certified system featuring 911 Software’s CreditLine software for secure credit and debit card processing and is PA-DSS compliant per PCI SSC standards
     - Touchscreen technology
     - Camera monitoring with three options to fit diverse security needs

    Delicious, Healthful Products
     - We supply products that your employees and clients want, including organic and more healthful options
     - Dynamic Merchandising – our proprietary system tailors our product mix to our client tastes
     - Expanded specialty diet options including gluten-free, organic, and non-GMO items

    Beautiful Build-Outs To Suit Your Environment
     - Avenue C looks and feels the same no matter where it opens because of Canteen’s nationwide coverage
     - We offer the widest breadth of build-out options based on the size of your location and available space
     - Flexible design, layout, and branding options

    For more information about Avenue C, watch our three-minute overview video.  We also have a wellness video that focuses on better-for-you options and wellness programs available with our Avenue C markets.  To speak directly with an Avenue C representative, call 1-855-463-6812 or fill out our contact form.

    • Beautiful Build-Outs
      With versatile fixture options and branding packages, Avenue C can meet the retail needs of a variety of workspaces.
    • Cutting Edge Technology
      Avenue C is powered by the latest in cashier-less technology, ensuring a convenient, secure transaction every time.
    • Wellness Matters
      Avenue C supports the wellness goals of our clients and guests through innovative wellness solutions.
    • Delicious Products
      More than just food for busy people on-the-go, Avenue C tailors product offerings to customer preferences.