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  • Coffee and Refreshment Services

    At Canteen Refreshment Services, we know that providing coffee, water and other breakroom services can make a big difference in your workplace. Customized refreshment solutions can keep your employees energized, motivated and ultimately help your company improve productivity.

    We offer the high-quality products, phenomenal service and attention to detail that make your employees feel valued – with office coffee and beverage services more closely resembling those of a coffee shop than an office breakroom.

    Canteen Refreshment Services include:

    • Premium Coffee & Tea

    • EcoStream Water Filtration & Services

    • Pantry Provisions

    • Cleaning & Office Supplies    

    It’s said that people are a product of their environment, and we think the same applies to employees and their work environment. Why waste any more time with an uninspired office breakroom? Get started by exploring our office coffee and beverage service options today!

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      Coffee Services
      Canteen Refreshment Services is taking office coffee services in bold new directions.
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      Breakroom Solutions
      Discover a whole new level of convenience through Canteen Refreshment Service’s break room solutions.
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      Beverage Services
      At Canteen Refreshment Services we know that taking care of the small details makes a big difference in your workplace.