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  • Canteen Vending Products and Brands

  • As the largest vending services company in the United States, Canteen also has the largest and most varied vending machine product selection. We offer a range of services, and every client can choose from hundreds of vending products to fit their customized program. From traditional vending machine snacks and beverages, to healthier-choice products, to fresh and local micro-market selections, to full-service dining and catering options, Canteen has the vending machine products you’re looking for. Stock your machines with the top name-brand snacks, or choose fresh and locally sourced items, depending entirely on your own product and service preferences.

    Innovative Vending Machines and Products

    Canteen offers a suite of vending machine equipment, from traditional machines offering the snacks your customers and employees know and love, to the latest innovations in the industry, with touchscreen technologies and cashless payment options.

    Healthy Vending Machines and Products

    Canteen makes it easy to make healthier choices by offering healthful snack and beverage options with all of our vending services. For added wellness inspiration, you can choose a healthy vending machine or follow our nutritionist-developed better-for-you product criteria. 

    Expanded-Selection Vending Solutions
    If even the most varied vending machine doesn’t offer enough product variety for you, consider one of Canteen’s Avenue C micro-markets, with hundreds of products, including fresh foods, or explore the Compass Group’s full-service dining and catering solutions.  

    In addition to having the largest selection of vending products for you to choose from, Canteen is proud to provide service from dedicated team members who love what they do. You’ll get the product selection of the leading national vending company, but with service resembling your neighborhood mom-and-pop provider.

    To learn more about your product choices within each service offering, browse our Product Guide, or contact Canteen to see what products and services are available in your region.