Coffee by Bond

The Coffee by Bond philosophy is simple: It promises to provide the highest-quality coffee from the finest mountain plantations in the world. With farmers who have been growing coffee for generations and roasters who have more than 35 years of experience in coffee, Coffee by Bond knows what it is doing.
Only the best, 100 percent arabica beans are selected from organic shade-grown estate coffee trees. Coffee by Bond’s roasters then ensure consistency in quality, freshness and taste before shipping any product.
Coffee by Bond’s roaster takes great pride in building a bond with growers from around the world. Farm Direct ensures the coffee farmers are paid fairly and the quality of life is good. Going direct gives the savings to the farmer, helping to establish a better working relationship with the “origin of coffee.”
In addition, Coffee by Bond strongly believes in sustainability. A sustainable farm gives back as much to the land and people as it receives. It seeks independence from non-renewable resources when possible. Sustainable farming also minimizes pollution and takes steps to care for the environment.
Coffee by Bond’s long-standing relationships with both the farmer and the environment provide consistent quality and care from the time the bean is harvested right to your cup. Every time.

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  • Pennsylvania
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