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In 1986 while traveling through the Lara region of Venezuela, in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, the founders of Puroast were invited to visit una hacienda de café (coffee plantation). Here they discovered that the secret of flavor is in the art of roasting, and that it isn’t about roasting for volume or speed, but for quality – a way of getting the best out of each bean. An important key is how the beans are heated in roasting, taking them from the green grano (seed) to a perfectly roasted bean. After multiple trials and taste-testing with local coffee gurus, the Puroast founders were able to master this art.

They decided to transfer their learnings, to Northern California and put it in practice. Puroast® was born and offered a “smooth, less bitter” coffee. Local co-ops, natural food stores and gourmet shops were their first customers. The taste was a hit!

With this success, one of the world´s leading coffee research chemists, Dr. Taka Shibamoto of The University of California, Davis, agreed to do an initial test on Puroast and compare it with other brands. What he found was “remarkable”. It was discovered that Puroast has 70% less acid than any other roasted coffee, and seven times the antioxidant level of green tea.

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