10 Better-For-You Snacks For Your Kids

The new school year is right around the corner, and your kids will need snacks to power them through the school day and satisfy their after-school cravings. Try these nutritious alternatives to fill them up without slowing them down.

Cheese – Full of protein for sustained energy and calcium for strong bones, cheese is a wholesome snack for kids that can be paired with a variety of crackers and fruits to create an assortment of snacking options.

green_apples (640x488)Apples – A common snack, yes, but there’s a reason they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Apples are packed with Vitamin C and fiber to help boost children’s immune systems. Pair them with cheese, peanut butter or yogurt to switch things up.

Peanut Butter – Although allergies prevent this snack from going to most schools, peanut butter is still an excellent after-school snack full of protein and fiber to satisfy growing appetites until dinnertime. Pair it with fruits, crackers, veggies or a number of other complements.

Raisins – A good source of fiber, potassium and vitamins, raisins can be enjoyed by themselves or combined with other nutritious snacks like nuts and oatmeal.

Whole Grain Cereal – Many cereals contain vitamins, calcium and fiber, and many kids enjoy eating cereal straight out of the box. You can also add it to a trail mix or combine it with yogurt or peanut butter.

Strawberries (640x427)Strawberries – This seasonal snack is a nutritious sweet treat for kids containing Vitamin C. Try them with yogurt or cheese.

Oatmeal – Your first thought might be “I can’t get my kids to eat oatmeal,” but oatmeal comes in many forms, including snack bars and better-for-you cookies. Try this low-fat, low-sugar recipe from

Yogurt – A good source of calcium, this versatile snack can be combined with fruit, nuts, oatmeal, or blended into an afternoon smoothie.

Pears – Often not the first choice among fruits, pears are usually available year-round and provide a fiber-filled alternative for your kids.

trailmix (640x425)Snack Mix – Your children can participate in preparing this treat. Give them a list of better-for-you snacks and let them choose the ingredients they want to combine to create their personalized mix. Options could include nuts (packed with protein, magnesium, iron and zinc), pretzels, whole grain cereal, popcorn, raisins, and more!

Look for these and other better-for-you snacks in your Avenue C!

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