3 Easy Ways Your Business Can Make a Difference this Holiday Season

Canteen Volunteers

Throughout the U.S., employees at Canteen branch locations participate in volunteer activities, charity work, and partnerships with various nonprofit organizations within their communities. Drawing inspiration from some of our own branch and franchisee activities in the past, we’ve compiled a list of ways your business can give a little something extra this holiday season.

1. Form a partnership where need intersects with what your business provides

Our Canteen Mid-South branch has worked with Special Olympics Athletic Retreat (SOAR) for over a decade. Canteen donates food products for competitions and SOAR events, and employees often volunteer for these events. Forming a partnership where need intersects with the products and/or services your business already provides is a great way to make lasting, valuable connections that make a difference in your community.

2. Facilitate volunteer activities for employees

One of the most common reasons people give for not volunteering is that they don’t have enough time. This holiday season, donate a few hours of paid time, or even a full workday, to a scheduled volunteer activity for employees to take part in. Consider setting up a time during the normal workday for employees to serve at a soup kitchen or shelter, or organize a daylong group activity, like home building or public-space cleanup. There are many national organizations that can help match a group or individual with an activity according to the number of volunteers and the amount of time they’re able to donate.

3. Facilitate donation centers for employees

As with donating time, the easier your company can make it for employees to donate items, the more involvement you’re likely to garner. You can set up food or clothing drives right in your workplace. Some organizations will pick up goods, or if you have one or two employees willing to organize and deliver the donated goods, there is no shortage of various donation drop-off locations, especially throughout the holidays.

Beyond the organizations we’ve linked to throughout the post, a simple Google search can turn up dozens of volunteer opportunities in your area. We also recommend putting an open call out to employees for suggestions. Employees may already work with a local organization, or have a cause near to their heart, as is the case with Canteen’s Mid-South branch. The daughter of the branch’s President is a Special Olympics athlete, which in part inspired the original partnership with SOAR.

As one of our core values, Canteen pledges to contribute to a better world, for all people within our company and the communities we serve. Learn more about our company, or contact us to become a Canteen customer.

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