3 Reasons Football Season is like a Breakroom

Football Is Like A Breakroom

Wherever you may be, you’re likely to hear some smack talk about how someone’s football team will “without a doubt” beat everyone else’s. This means that it’s football season again! If you’re in the workplace, never fear, there are some striking similarities between watching football and where you take your work breaks. Here are three ways football season is like a breakroom:

1. Time to get together

There’s nothing quite like football to get people together! From tailgates to viewing parties, football always seems to bring us together. Your breakroom is the place for people to put aside their work, relax, and spend time with their coworkers.

2. Food!

Football season just wouldn’t be the same without it! From stadium hot dogs and popcorn, to at home grill-outs, food always comes to mind when thinking about football. Similarly, you just can’t think about the breakroom without also daydreaming about the amazing lunch you’re about to have or your next much needed coffee break. Check out the breakroom solutions we have to offer to meet your football season standards!

3. Team Spirit!

One of the best parts about football season is cheering on your team! Having friends that share the passion you have for your own team is definitely a great feeling. At work, you and your coworkers are all on the same team. Everyone in the breakroom is working for the same company with the same goals. Celebrate your work’s team spirit!

If you’re as excited about football season as we are, then check out how you could win a tailgate prize pack! This fall, enjoy the football craze no matter where you are.

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