9/11- We Remember

We Remember 9/11“You’ll never forget where you were on 9/11.” Whether you were sitting in school, at home, or in the office, that moment in history is truly unforgettable and brought to light the brave heroes of our country’s police and firefighter forces. Each year following, many have shown their support commemorating this day with friends, family and co-workers. Here are some ways you and your team can remember September 11th in the workplace:

Community Action

Plan a volunteer day to give back to your community.  Whether you choose to donate blood or visit a local veteran’s hospital, these are great ways to show your appreciation for the heroes of our country.

Office Memorial

An action as simple as planting a tree or placing a row of American flags in the office garden can serve as meaningful reminders in honor of those we’ve lost and the people who stepped up to help others during a time of need. Spend this time with your co-workers and dedicate a moment of your day to an office memorial such as these.

As people across the nation join together to remember 9/11 this week, we recognize the heroes of our country. From the National September 11 Memorial in New York City, to the American flags that will wave throughout the day, we remember.

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