A Natural Sip of Energy

March is Caffeine Awareness Month, and we’re celebrating at Canteen with three naturally energizing beverages that can give you a little pep in your step in addition to your morning cup of Joe.

A Natural Sip of EnergyFruit Smoothies with Leafy Greens

Fruit smoothies can make a great breakfast drink to take on the go. The carbohydrates found in fruit are a good source of energy in themselves, but if you blend in some leafy greens, your morning smoothie can really give your body a boost of energy. Leafy greens, such as kale, are considered superfoods and contain lots of nutrients that help power your body and maintain good health.

Next time you’re looking for a tasty smoothie to start your morning, check with your closest Canteen dining location and see if they’re serving fresh smoothies for breakfast!


Drinking water keeps your body hydrated, which makes you feel more alert, and keeps you from feeling sluggish throughout the day. Canteen offers a great option for the breakroom that can make filtered water readily available in the workplace-EcoStream!

Green Tea

Green tea does contain a small amount of caffeine, but it also offers your body a great source of antioxidants and nutrients to support overall body health. Plus, it can help keep your energy levels up. Check out the hot tea options in the breakroom and make yourself a warm cup of green tea when you’re looking for a great afternoon pick-me-up!

Although we’re already more than halfway through March, it isn’t too late to try to incorporate some of these naturally energizing drinks into your diet to celebrate! Happy Caffeine Awareness Month!

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