America’s Top Condiment

America's Top Condiment

Memorial Day will be here before we know it! A day when families and friends get together and enjoy time outdoors. It’s also a day of remembrance and respect for those brave military men and women who gave it all for our freedom.

Want to know another fact about Memorial Day? It is the second most popular grilling holiday of the year. We love our cookouts, and without these saucy items, time around the grill just wouldn’t be complete. We’re talking about condiments! Ketchup, mustard and mayo are some classic staples. And if you were to guess ketchup as America’s top pick, you might have been right a couple years ago… Today, Sriracha is really coming in hot, rising above the past leaders to take the title of America’s top condiment.

Taking a closer look, let’s explore some other favorite condiments by state:

  • Arizona = Chipotle Sauce
  • Louisiana = Tabasco
  • Montana = BBQ Sauce
  • North Dakota = Ranch Dressing
  • South Carolina = Honey Mustard

Is your home state not listed? Check out the full list!

Now that you know which condiments rank in the top, put that knowledge to good use, both for Memorial Day meals and post-holiday snacks in the breakroom! That’s right; we can stock your workplace with a variety of condiments. A small, but great perk for your team!

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