Dillanos Coffee Roasters

Dillanos opened as an espresso cart in 1992 in front of Howard Heyer’s convenience store in Buckley, Washington. A partnership between Howard and his son David Morris, the cart was fueled by David’s enthusiasm, Howard’s business background, and a sincere desire to offer great coffee and great service. They named the business after David’s newly born son Dillon.

The following year, they bought their first 20-pound coffee roaster to kick off Dillanos as a wholesale coffee roasting operation. It wasn’t long before they were soaking up information from coffee professionals throughout the country. They learned from the ground up what it takes to source high-quality green coffee, the perfect roast profiles, and create balanced, smooth-tasting blends to bring out a coffee’s inherent character.

Skilled roasters carefully handcraft each batch, using all of their senses to encourage a roast’s visual, aromatic, and flavor development. Supplementing their roasters’ skills with state-of-the-art roasting equipment, all coffee goes through extensive testing during the roasting process. This includes analyzing the moisture content and determining a coffee’s precise degree of roast.

While sourcing coffees from East Africa, Central and South America, and the South Pacific, Dillanos Coffee Roasters has established strong relationships with partners to ensure consistency in supply and authentic quality. These values are the foundation that Dillanos’ green coffee sourcing is built on.

The One Harvest Project is the pinnacle of their green sourcing efforts. By visiting the cooperatives and estates of the people who grow them, Dillanos learns about their coffees from every angle, from the plant varietals to harvesting and processing. This allows them to celebrate the farmers by sharing their stories with customers.

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