One of America’s oldest business enterprises and coffee merchant, Gillies Coffee Co. has been sourcing coffee from all over the world for over 175 years.  Founded in 1840 in old New York, Gillies is a small, local family business.  It all began with Wright Gillies at age nineteen. He came from Newburgh farm in 1838 and obtained a clerkship in a tea store.  He then decided to branch out for himself in the tea and coffee business with his own store and installed a horse-powered coffee roaster.  As his little business prospered, he began supplying retailers as far away as New Orleans in 1863.  Gillies set the gold standard in America for coffee roasting, innovating roasting with natural gas, and holding patents for double-roasting.

Today, Gillies specializes in roasting and blending whole beans and custom blends, origin and estate coffees, espresso, decaffeinated, Fair Trade, Free Trade, Direct Trade and over 150 flavored blends of delicious coffee.  Their portfolio also includes teas.  Star-K Kosher Certified and Certified Organic facilities are unique designations they offer.  With a notable reputation, portfolio of custom grade specialties, high level of knowledge, and passion for what they do, Gillies has not gone unnoticed in the industry.

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