Passion House Coffee Roasters

Since 2011, Passion House Coffee Roasters has been pursuing the art of great coffee in Chicago, IL. Driven by their passion and guided by a lifetime of experience, they seek to elevate their customer’s coffee experience by sourcing quality, sustainable beans and roasting them to their fullest potential.

The Passion House Coffee philosophy is simple; find coffee farmers, importers and enthusiasts that share the same passion for the art of coffee, and collectively create a quality cup. They take the time to build relationships with farmers and importers who they trust to execute their vision, and roast in small batches using their senses and intuition to control the nuances of the roasting process. Passion House believes that it’s the little things that make the difference between a good cup and a mind-blowing one.

Passion House shoot for the stars when curating their menu, searching all of the world for the best coffees available at any given time, setting the expectations high. The amount of care, attention, and hard work that goes into producing quality coffee and getting it from the ground to the cup is something Passion House Coffee Roasters is very passionate about and take seriously.

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