Ronnoco Coffee

Ronnoco Coffee was started by J.P and James O’Connor- two brothers who experienced an innovation that changed their lives at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis – imported coffee beans roasted over a gas flame. The distinct flavor and aroma inspired them. With a unique entrepreneurial spirit, the brothers founded Ronnoco (O’Connor spelled backwards), and started delivering coffee beans to local hotels by horse-drawn buggy. Today, Ronnoco Coffee Company remains a local, Mid-West-owned and operated business.

It takes a very special coffee bean to become a Ronnoco coffee bean.  They select their coffee by sampling beans from coffee-growing countries around the world – from mountains of Brazil and Colombia in South America, to Ethiopia in Africa, to Costa Rica and Honduras in Central America (to name a few).  By knowing the farms, the soil, and the sun, including how cloud cover or rainfall one year can impact the next year’s harvest – they know how this will impact your morning cup of coffee.

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