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A Costa Rican coffee farmer’s son, a struggling ex-lawyer turned coffee farmer and a successful entrepreneur are the unknowing characters whose roads connected to create a partnership and make a difference in the coffee community. By connecting coffee directly to the consumer, they were able to integrate the supply chain by processing, roasting, packaging and selling coffee directly to tourists in Monteverde, Costa Rica in 2009. When demand for this high-quality coffee quickly outstripped supply, partnerships were formed with other local farmers and the THRIVE model was born.

THRIVE Farmers puts farmers first. Economic viability for coffee farmers begins when they are given the business tools, distribution channels and resources to make a livable income. Building on the foundation of economic success, farmers can build a sustainable future for their families. As social equity is built, a THRIVE Farmers producer’s growing income creates a multiplier effect as he or she hires additional workers and purchases more products and services locally.

Basic agronomic skills like removing old coffee plants, planting shade trees and protecting the soil are available to THRIVE Farmers for ensuring each farm is well within the parameters of environmental best practices. Adapting to climate change is a priority for THRIVE Farmers to support future generations. Through THRIVE Farmers, coffee lovers can access hand-crafted specialty coffees from some of the premier coffee growing regions of the world. Best of all, coffee lovers get to “know who grows” their morning cup.

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