Zoka Coffee Roasting Company

Zoka Coffee Roasting Company opened its doors January 7, 1997, in the heart of Seattle. Starting off small, founder Jeff Babcock roasted right out of his Greenlake coffee shop, sharing his passion directly with neighborhood customers. Since then, he has managed to grow his business by partnering with some of the best coffee farmers in the world.
Zoka Coffee focuses on finding the best beans and roasting them to perfection. Though well-processed and carefully grown, a coffee bean depends on the roaster and the roasting process to help it shine. If roasted too dark, the sugars and acidic qualities will be burned to a crisp, leaving behind an oily, flavorless wisp of former grandeur. If roasted too light, coffee will taste tangy and sour.
Each coffee is sample-roasted and cupped multiple times before being sent to our 1964 Probat production roaster. This allows the master roaster an opportunity to experiment with the unroasted coffee and find the perfect temperature and time to bring out all of the delicious flavors. The process requires total attention and a strong knowledge of the coffee being roasted. With an emphasis on product quality, Zoka has established itself in some of Seattle’s most dynamic neighborhoods, fostering a strong sense of community and respect for coffee.

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