Be Heart Smart this February with Whole Grains

Be Heart Smart this February with Whole Grains

February is Heart Health Month, the perfect time to think about incorporating heart healthy foods into your diet, like delicious and satisfying whole grains! According to our team of dieticians, whole grains, such as oats, provide the nutrients needed to lower bad cholesterol and help lower the risk of heart disease.

Need some ideas to help add more whole grains to your diet? Try these suggestions for breakfast, lunch and dinner!


How about oatmeal? A breakfast staple that’s creamy and filling, and feels nice and warm when you hold the bowl in your hands. Add some extra nutrition and flavor with some of your favorite fruits and perhaps a handful of almonds or walnuts.


Instead of traditional white bread, try whole wheat or wheatberry bread for your sandwich! Add your favorite deli meat, some tasty veggies and maybe some avocado (another great heart healthy food).


Quinoa and wild rice are great grains to have as side dishes with your main course. Pair with salmon or tuna and some spinach (three heart healthy foods), and you have the perfect dinner to celebrate Heart Health Month!

Looking for a place to find some of these great whole grain options? Check with your Canteen dining location and see what whole grains they have on the menu! No matter the mealtime, we hope you can enjoy some delicious heart healthy foods to celebrate Heart Health Month.

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