de Jong Duke Virtu

Features of this bean-to-cup brewer:

  • Mobile connectivity for touchless operation
  • Two whole bean canisters for freshly ground coffee
  • 10.4″ full color touch screen
  • Stainless steel front
  • Cup sensor
  • Optional Connect.Me online monitoring
  • Numerous beverage options including coffee, espresso, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, cappuccino, hot water and more!

Dimensions:                                  40.25″H, 16.9″W, 21.1″D; 20 lbs

Cups Per Brew:                          1 Cup

Recommended Population:      50-75 People

Non-Coffee Beverages:             Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Milk, French Vanilla, Hot Water, Tea

Variety of Selections:                Numerous

Time to Brew:                              Less than a minute

Plumbed-In or Pour-Over:        Plumbed-In

Download:                                 de Jong Duke Virtu

Touchless Interface Video

DeJong Duke Virtu

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