Better-for-You, Better for the Whole Team

Better For The Whole Team

Think about the last time you felt at your very best. What were you doing? Running on the beach, hiking, or playing with your pet may come to mind, but how about sitting at work? Maybe not.

Well, here’s a fact for you- better-for-you snacks in the office support good health, which boosts both your mood, productivity and ultimately makes you feel great throughout the day.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons nutritious snacks make perfect breakroom additions.

  • Healthier Team- A flawless immune system requires foods with lots of nutrients. And when associates come to work feeling great, everybody wins!
  • Increased Energy without the Crash- Some snacks have high amounts of sugar, trans fats, and carbs, which can lead to a slight afternoon slump. Healthful options that properly balance protein, fat, and carbs are the best choices to keep you going longer.
  • Happier Associates- Smile, be happy! Snacks with folic acid, magnesium, and vitamins can have positive short and long term effects on your mood.
  • Boosts Mental Health and Cognitive Function- Foods rich in antioxidants and B vitamins improve memory, reasoning and concentration. Talk about brain power!
  • Show your Gratitude- Let your team know they’re valued by showing them their well-being matters to you.

Nutritious quick bites, such as a whole grain breakfast bar or a pack of mixed nuts, can lead to healthier, more energized team members who feel happy and ready to innovate! So, why not incorporate more better-for-you snacks into your break room? We can help with that! Contact us to learn more.

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