Sip And Celebrate Black-Owned Businesses

Support Black-owned businesses and get 15% off your purchase

Canteen’s supplier diversity mission is to proactively identify, build relationships with, and purchase goods from certified diverse suppliers.  And to show our support, we're highlighting our Black-owned coffee roaster partners. Plus, we'll give you a 15% credit on your purchase!

Red Bay Coffee is recognized for environmental and social performance and a certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise.

BLK & BOLD gives 5% of profits to support at-risk youth and is a certified Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprise.

 Promotion applies to first time Red Bay or BLK & BOLD buyers. 
*15% invoice credit for products from Blk&Bold and RedBay. 
Promotion period is 12 weeks from date of first invoice. 
Invoice credit will be applied at the end of the 12 week promotional period. 
  • New Coffee Business Request Form

    Thank you for participating. This information will help us provide the optimal solution for you! Please allow for a 24-hour response time.