Branch Spotlight: Canteen Denver Branch

Healthy Vending Machines

This week’s Branch Spotlight goes to our Denver, Colorado-based Canteen corporate branch. Our Denver Canteen branch has been the provider of all of the vending equipment at the Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) for years. This past year, Canteen’s general district manager worked with the school to help make the university students and staff a little healthier by introducing Canteen’s new 2bU healthful vending equipment to campus.

Canteen’s enr.G vending machines are good for students, staff, the environment, and the university’s electricity bill. Each machine contains an assortment of healthful products, including all-natural, organic, kosher, vegan, gluten-free, and trans fat-free selections. The variety of selections can meet essentially any dietary restrictions or preferences, and Canteen’s Dynamic Merchandising technology can be utilized to cater the product selection to customer preferences on an ongoing basis. The machines are also equipped with interactive touchscreens that enable customers to browse in-depth nutritional information about each product before making their purchase, as well as credit card payment processing and the latest in energy-efficient technology.

Our Denver branch exemplifies Canteen’s commitment to innovation, wellness, sustainability, and our customers’ convenience and ongoing satisfaction. The branch staff knew their customers at MSU well, and gave the client exactly what they wanted before they even knew they wanted it. Two 2bU machines were installed on a trial basis, and within days of the installation, it was clear they would be hugely successful. The university has since installed additional 2bU machines, and has seen sales go up and their electricity bills and carbon footprint reduced. The initial installation of the machines even made news at the school!

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