Canteen Celebrates National Coffee Service Month

Canteen Refreshment Services is excited to partner with NAMA to celebrate National Coffee Service Month throughout the month of September. Be on the lookout for information on Canteen Refreshment Services’ new brand, as well as promotions that we’ll be launching to celebrate all month long.

  • Our clients and customers love their coffee! Did you know?
  • Two in five workers say they are less productive without their daily coffee fix, according to a survey of 3,600 employed Americans.
  • 37% of workers aged 18 to 34 drink more than one cup of coffee a day.
  • By region, 48% of people in the Northeast say they are less productive without their daily coffee; 45% in the South; 44% in the West and 34% in the Midwest.
  • Among full-time employed daily coffee drinkers who have consumed coffee at work within the last seven days, 50% drink coffee brewed in a pot at the office.
  • Among coffee-drinking workers, 83% “strongly” and 43% “somewhat” agree that coffee helps keep them productive through the workday.

For more information on National Coffee Month and to receive promotional tools for your location, please contact Jennie Vinson at 503-358-424.

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