Celebrate Fair Trade Month

Celebrate Fair Trade Month

This month marks the 12th Annual Fair Trade Month, a celebration of goods cultivated in a sustainable environment through ethical business practices and a true commitment to community.  Purchasing Fair Trade products, such as coffee helps our global community in multiple ways including:

Environmental Protection

The Rainforest Alliance, Bird Friendly, and Organic certifications are dedicated to the well-being of the environment that produces the delicious coffees and teas you enjoy!  Through protection of the forests, wildlife, and climate, these certifications ensure that the ecosystems that produce some of our favorite coffees will be around for a long time.

Community Advancement

Fair Trade certification helps to protect the farmers who work to cultivate the goods that stock grocery shelves around the world.  Through this practice, farmers and workers are guaranteed to receive fair compensation for their products.  Additionally, education is offered to these farmers to encourage sustainable business practices on their end.

Here at Canteen, we proudly support the Fair Trade movement, and offer multiple Fair Trade coffee blends from some of your favorite brands. Contact your local Canteen representative to learn more.

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