Features of this brewer:

  • Touch Key Buttons accommodate your beverage type and container style using digital controls for volume control, pulse brewing, drain time and temperature.
  • Coffee, Hot tea and Iced tea.
  • Power Bar signals that brewer is “On”.
  • Auto-Arm, our temperature sentry: will only allow brewing to happen at the correct temperature.
  • Ready Light lets you know that you’re ready to brew.
  • Digital Time Display lets you know when the beverage will be done.
  • Brewing Light flashes to alert the user that the brewing is in process.
  • Brewer Signal alerts when beverage is ready.
  • Hot Water Faucet can deliver water at any time. 
  • Dual Voltage optional.
  • Under 18”
  • Brews into some taller airpots and still fits under 18”.

Dimensions:                                 19.25"D x 8.5"W x 17.875"H

Cups Per Brew:                         ~8.5 Cups

Recommended Population:      10-25 People

Non-Coffee Beverages:             Hot Water

Time to Brew:                              N/A

Plumbed-In or Pour-Over:        Plumbed-In

Download:                                 Newco 20to1 Pro Combo Brochure


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