Food Concepts

Defining fine dining

We’re proud to offer trend-forward concepts that look and taste great. Our fully designed stations, complete with signage solutions, create vibrant food service cafes that draw guests in. Let us take you on a tour of what we have to offer.

MoMex Modern Mexican

Celebrating modern Mexican cuisine

MoMex is a fun, vibrant station focusing on innovation, creativity, and great ingredients. In addition to a signature salad and great side dishes, there will be a selection of tacos with flavorful ingredients, rice bowls and other Latin features. Guests can pick and choose from a selection of menu items to create a great personalized lunch!

Iron Drop Biscuits and Beyond

Artisanal scratch made biscuits

Iron Drop was founded on the belief that on life’s journey, and wherever we find friendly paths intersect, the whole world can come to look like home for a time. That is what we try to create; a space where our friendly path intersects with yours so that we can create that space and comforting foods, together, whether you are dropping in or embarking on another journey. Our delicatessen-style food is centered around our artisanal scratch-made biscuits and carefully curated craft-roasted coffee menus.

Iron Drop biscuits with Jam or Jelly

Concepts that fit your style