The MARS DRINKS Aroma™ is designed with small workspaces in mind, delivering delicious café-style drinks and providing a premium coffee shop experience that’s small in size but big on taste.

Features of this single-cup coffee maker:

  • Stylish countertop design
  • Café beverages including cappuccinos, lattes, hot chocolate and more
  • Small and compact to fit any space
  • No cross-contamination or residual flavors from previous brews thanks to innovative brewing technology and unique Freshpack design
  • Water heated on demand
  • Choice of three cup sizes for every brew
  • Large detachable, easy-to-fill water tank
  • Minimal clean-up
Dimensions: 14.3" H x 10.5" W x 11.6" D
Cups Per Brew: 1
Recommended Population: up to 75 people
Non-Coffee Beverages: Hot Chocolate, Tea, Hot Water
Variety of Selections: over 100 (dependent on product availability)
Time to Brew: Less than 60 seconds
Plumbed-In or Pour-Over: Pour-Over (detachable water tank)
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