Futuristic Workspaces & Cafes

Futuristic Workspaces and CafesEver heard the phrase “times are changing”? In recent years, this has been especially true within corporate America. Corporate environments have seen a shift in their design. What we used to call a breakroom is being transformed into an open, interactive retreat for associates with unique space to socialize, relax, and even work. Gone are the days when the only place associates could work was at their desk. What’s driving this trend?

In recent studies, it’s been reported that in this era, corporate employees value connectivity and innovation above all else. Being able to collaborate with other employees throughout the workday introduces a sense of fluidity and modernity. Infuse those qualities with contemporary technology and you’ve created a space where your employees can think and create freely!

With WiFi, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, the generation coming into the workplace has all the tools for a mobile desk. Corporations are recognizing the opportunity to create this new office culture and are moving towards an innovative, collaborative workspace trend. Businesses like Google, Facebook and Skype have taken it to a whole new level. Their work spaces and meeting rooms are created like playgrounds, picnic areas, and are filled with opportunities to create great things or even take a break from their hectic schedule.

You may not be able to add a slide or a nap-time area to your office but you can take a few steps towards re-creating your space:

  • Offer relevant and interesting reading material
  • Provide free lunch on Fridays
  • Install a TV
  • Add comfortable chairs and tables

91% of employees say it is important to have a space where they can recharge and re-energize. Canteen’s pantry solutions revitalize the cafe to help keep your associates excited about coming to work! Offering complimentary snacks and beverages in a comfortable environment is a surefire way to encourage conversation and creativity. With so many customization options, this is the perfect way to energize your employees!

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