Give Summer Heat the Cold Shoulder!

Give Summer Heat the Cold ShoulderSay hello to the dog daysdays of summer! The sun is shining bright and to some it feels a bit too hot to be drinking warm coffee. Put a little chill into your summer vibe and cool off with a refreshing cup of iced coffee.

This cool coffee drink is trending across America, but it’s more than just a fad. In fact, 20% of Americans, 38% among ages 18-24, drink iced coffee regularly. But why has this tasty beverage gained so much fame? This may be because of the younger generation’s craving for sweet and refreshing drinks.

Or perhaps it’s the fact that the cooler temperature makes iced coffee sweeter and more mellow tasting than hot coffee, which also makes it a great partner for added flavors like vanilla and hazelnut. Ever wonder what your ideal iced coffee flavor is? While, you’re sipping on your refreshing cup, you can find out with this short quiz!

This summer, beat the heat with refreshing iced coffee. The Our idec coffee options bring a unique and innovative way to satisfy your craving, right when you want it! Pour yourself a cup of cold brew coffee with the push of a button! Contact us to learn more.

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