Happy Breakroom Days!

Happy Breakroom Days

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Your associates are gearing up for some well-deserved time off, but before they go, let’s see how you can revamp your breakroom space for the holidays:

  • Tasty Nutrition – Let’s be honest… There are lots of sweets and other indulgent snacks to munch on this season. So, let’s give the gift of some better-for-you options! Fresh fruit and veggies, healthy dips, and granola bars to name a few.
  • Hydration – Your team is working hard to check things off the list – both their shopping lists and work to-do lists. And nothing keeps them going better than staying hydrated. Make sure there are multiple water options available in the breakroom to support all their efforts.
  • Celebrate – Usher in a new year with a cookie and milk break, or a sparkling grape juice toast. Whatever it may be, let’s make your special celebrations shine!

Your breakroom space is a natural place for associates to gather, give thanks, and celebrate together. We’re honored to be able to support you during this magical time of the year. Happy holidays from our Canteen team to yours!

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