Features of this coffee brewer:

  • Large 4.3″ touchscreen
  • Built-in self-diagnostics alert users about service needs
  • Customizable energy-saving mode
  • LED notification of freshness timing
  • IntelliFresh® technology ensures consistent temperature
  • Can be immersed without compromising electronic control board
  • Mineral sensors alert users of scale build-up

Dimensions:                                 91.3"W x 22.25"D x 30.63"H

Cups Per Brew:                         ~ 24

Recommended Population:      20-50 People

Non-Coffee Beverages:             Hot Water, Tea

Variety of Selections:                1

Time to Brew:                              ~ 20 minutes

Plumbed-In or Pour-Over:        Plumbed-In

Download:                                 G4 Gemini Satellite Spec Sheet

curtis G4GEMSIF63B1000

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