The Five Snack Trends to Watch in 2020

Snack and breakroom trends come and go like fashion styles, and the ‘20s won’t be any different. While you’re plugging away and working hard on your 2020 resolutions, it’s easy to forget the key factors in recruiting and retention. That’s why we work hard to guarantee you’re on top of breakroom trends this year and can keep everyone happy.


Ingredients to Watch:

In the last decade, we’ve seen consumers slowly shift away from meat-based diets to more plant-forward tastes. Mushrooms are the original meat replacement – their texture becomes meaty when cooked, and the umami-rich flavor adds a crave-able punch to any meal. Both food and beverage options are storming the market. Mushroom coffee has been a cult favorite for years, but we’re expecting wider acceptance this year. And thanks to the natural variety of mushrooms, food applications are limitless, like jerkies or crisps.


Be Gone!
Common Allergens

Certain ingredients pose a serious threat to some people in the form of allergens. Thankfully, manufacturers have caught on as more and more product recipes eliminate common allergens. Consumer tastes are evident in many of today’s most popular diets, like Whole 30. People are okay with products that openly avoid ingredients. We would even call it a badge of honor. Manufacturers and snackers alike are proud to do more with less. Notice flavor and taste still rule, and the wave of items hitting shelves may be missing allergens, but they are not losing flavor. Allergen-free examples include granola butter, and nut-free cookies and snack bars.


Wild Card:

Yes, yes, we’ve all seen CBD mentioned in the news. A lot. As of publication, it’s okay to sell and market CBD in lotions and scrubs, but not okay in food. That said, a lot of the big (and small) food and beverage companies are pressing on and developing CBD infused items. Like it or not, it’s going to be everywhere. What we’ve seen is a robust lineup of products ready to roll out as soon as it gets the green light. Will it be in breakrooms? TBD. In the meantime, we’ll be closely following the hottest developments and innovations so that we can bring you the best information.



Bitterness is naturally present in many popular foods, but it’s usually tempered with sugar. Think sweet tea, sweetened coffee, cocoa, or cranberry sauce. With sugar gaining public enemy status, we see those bitter notes shine and take the lead where they haven’t before. We think we will see this trend emerge more in beverages than in food this year. Unsweetened options have been around forever, but more juices and smoothies will go bitter, and unsweetened coffees and teas will go bold and highlight the bitterness/tannins in their product vs. hiding them or watering them down.


Trust the Process:

Waste Not

Waste. It’s a problem. Between recycling woes and challenges for farmers – something had to be done. That’s why we’re excited to see entrepreneurs tackling food waste head-on. And boy, does it taste good! Our group likes food (I mean, we’re professional snackers), and we’re totally behind this movement. From the nuttiness of coffee cherries to the bitterness of dried fruit with rinds, we’re loving the unique and delicious flavors that come from thinking outside the box.


When it comes down to it, 2020 is shaping up to be a wild ride. But with these trends in mind, the breakroom can be one less thing for concern. Interested in all of the most popular snacks this year? Check out our product list and let us stock your breakroom with the best 2020 has to offer.

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