Meet Our Roasters

Meet Our Artisan Roasters

Artisan roasters are our local neighbors that have a commitment to some really great coffee! We’d like to introduce you to a handful of our partners, so you can learn more about who they are and the communities they serve:

Demarco Coffee Demarco Coffee – New York tri-state. Demarco Coffee brings a high standard of quality and consistency to the region. They strive to give businesses the option of purchasing fresh, delicious, locally roasted coffee. That’s the artisan spirit!
Dazbog Coffee Dazbog Coffee – Denver, CO. It’s all about the Dazbog Way: combining their rich international history with their high-quality beans. This tradition produces a unique, expressive cup of coffee.
Joffrey's Coffee and Tea Company Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company – Tampa, FL. This roaster has committed to only sourcing the top 10% of the world’s best beans (known as Specialty Grade Arabica Beans). They also work directly with local farmers, assisting with crop growing, processing, and cuppings – quality coffee with a commitment to community. It doesn’t get any better!
Barefoot Coffee Roasters Barefoot Coffee Roasters –Bay Area, CA. Barefoot transforms sustainable coffee into art by sourcing the best beans and handcrafting each roast for unique flavors. With this technique, they’re able to extract flavors like banana split sundae, guava, and cola berry. Yum!
Dillano's Coffee Roasters Dillano’s Coffee Roasters – Visuals, aromas, and flavors all play a huge part in crafting a perfect cup of Dillano’s coffee. Taking perfect coffee a step further, the One Harvest project helps them to source “green” coffee, showing commitment to the Washington D.C. community!

As you can see, our artisan roaster partners support a wide range of progressive ecological and social programs (local, fair trade, organic, or Rainforest Alliance), while roasting in smaller batches to bring you a high quality cup of joe. Don’t see your area listed? Don’t worry, these are just a few from our list! Plus, we’re adding new roasters regularly. Contact us for more information.

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