It’s a New Year, Bust a Move!

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Did you know that 80% of jobs are classified as sedentary? It’s true – sitting at a desk for long periods of time can lead to health concerns. Let’s see how we can stay more active this year, even at work:

  • Take a break– Set aside some time from your busy day to move. Take a walk around the building or grab some coffee, anything to get you moving.
  • Stand as much as possible– Pace while on the phone and you can burn about 225 calories for every hour you remain standing. Or think about getting a standing desk!
  • Meet coworkers in person– Rather than calling or emailing your coworkers, try to see them face to face. Not only will you add some steps to your day, you can also avoid possible miscommunications.
  • Walk and talk– Rather than sitting at a table for your meeting, go for a walk instead. The physical activity and change of scenery may inspire some great ideas.
  • Stretch– After a long day hunched over your desk, take some time to stretch away the stress of work. Stretching can help release tight muscles, encourage blood flow and relax your nervous system!
  • Track Your Movement– Consider a health fitness app or wearable. Seeing an improvement in the number of steps taken or calories burned will keep you motivated.

Sneak a couple of these into your daily work routine and you might be well on your way to reaching your wellness goals in 2017. Happy New Year from our team to yours!

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