Hydrate For Your Health

The rising temperature and humidity levels this time of year make proper hydration essential for maintaining good health. Whether you’re working in the office or playing in the great outdoors, drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day will help you feel your best.

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Avenue C and MyFitnessPal Support Wellness Goals

Avenue C has partnered with to make good health more attainable for everyone. is a free online diet and fitness “community” powered by more than 30 million people and featuring a database of over two million food products.

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Canteen Takes Wellness Demand Head On

Today’s increased focus on health and the rising awareness of the link between good nutrition and disease prevention mean consumers want nutrient packed and sophisticated choices when they snack. Canteen’s vending and micro-market solutions are meeting the demand of these informed consumers and leading the industry with a suite of wellness solutions.

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January 20th is National Coffee Break Day

Sunday, January 20th is National Coffee Break day and while many of us will be spending the long weekend with our families and friends, it’s never too late to celebrate! Surprise your co-workers on Tuesday with fresh brewed coffee, pastries or fruit and take a few extra moments to celebrate.

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Canteen’s Favorite Candy

At Canteen, we’re committed to providing a plentiful mix of traditional and nutritious snack choices to suit the preferences of our customers and their guests. But if there’s one time of the year when we should all indulge in a little candy, it’s Halloween.

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