Playing with Your Food

Playing with Your Food

Picture this:  You’ve been looking forward to lunchtime all day.  As you stare down into the lunch bag you prepared earlier, you realize it’s the same nutritious lunch you’ve packed for yourself all week.  Let’s see if we can bring some zest and creativity back into your better-for-you lunch!


You’ve packed a yogurt for a punch of protein.  But wouldn’t it be nice to turn your yogurt snack into something extra delicious?  Consider tossing in some granola, drop in a few fruit pieces, and maybe drizzle it with some honey.

Fruit Dippers

Fruit is a tasty, naturally sweet snack and a great source of vitamin C. Take it to the next level by making fruit dippers!  Dark chocolate is one option and not only contains mood-boosting antioxidants, but you can melt it and add it as a side to dip virtually any fruit for a rich, chocolaty flavor.

You can also opt to go savory instead of sweet. Peanut butter makes an awesome dipper, especially with bananas and apples.

Trail Mix

Oftentimes, when we think of better-for-you snacks, nuts are at the top of the list.  A serving of nuts, such as almonds and walnuts, mixed with dried fruits, pieces of granola, or even pretzels makes for a tasty and totally customizable snack.

Experiment with these ideas and bring some creativity back into lunchtime.  Find these and other exciting add-in options at an Avenue C location or café near you.

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