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National Coffee Day with Keba Konte

National Coffee Day with Keba Konte of Red Bay Coffee

We fully support the idea that coffee day should be every day. However, we have waited for a full 365 for this one particular day, the best day of the year, September 29th, National Coffee Day. And to celebrate, we connected with Keba Konte, Founder and CEO of Red Bay Coffee. Keba is an artist,…
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How to Make Coffee at Home or Office

Times, they are a-changin’, but your daily coffee craving doesn’t have to suffer. We know how sweet that simple cup of joe can be when you’re just starting your day, looking for a mid-morning boost, or post-lunch pick-me-up, or getting through another meeting that should have been an email, or fighting the 3 p.m. slump.…
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4 tips to WFH: How to stay happy and healthy

4 Tips to Work from Home: How to Stay Happy and Healthy

So, you’re still working from home. While we’ve covered the future of safe snacking back at the office, many companies are still working from home, and some might stay that way. Being out-of-office removes many opportunities in your daily routine to meet physiological and psychological needs, many of which you find in the breakroom. Hear…
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Return to Work

A Common Sense Guide to Returning to Work

As several states announce their plans to lessen restrictions and eventually lift shelter-in-place orders, many people are still left with questions on where we go from here, and what the new normal will look like.  Considering that our collective go-forward may be far from “normal,” know that Canteen has actively partnered with our clients, collaborated…
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Options for Cravings

What You Crave

We often have cravings throughout the day, whether for a particular taste (sweet, salty, sour, etc.) or specific foods. Maybe for you it’s a slice of chocolate cake or a basket of fries, but whatever the craving, there are better-for-you options that will satisfy it while providing nutrition and natural energy to get you through…
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Website Featured - Weekly dose of enr.G

Weekly Dose of enr.G

Everyone needs a little help getting through a hectic work day, no matter who you are or where you work. Well, don’t you worry – we have just what you need. From inspirational and motivational quotes to life tips, our Weekly Dose of enr.G will help you Fuel Up, Be Active, and Live Well, each…
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