Sweeten Your Tea … Naturally!

Sweeten Your Tea NaturallyDid you know June is National Iced Tea Month? Iced tea is a great summertime thirst-quencher and can be a healthful beverage choice. You can also try  natural sweeteners, a better-for-you option that’s oh so tasty!


Often called “nature’s candy”, honey is a delicious, natural alternative that also contain disease fighting antioxidants. Honey adds a kick of unique flavor and makes a delectable sweetener!


Fruit is another tasty option for your tea.  Not only will your tea be sweeter, but you’ll also gain a splash of fruity flavor. And not to mention all the added health benefits from your fruit! Pomegranates, lemons, and peaches are great choices and offer seasonality as the weather changes.


Stevia is a plant based sugar substitute that can provide a great solution for your sweet tooth. Truvia or PureVia are two great options for home and office use!

Celebrate National Iced Tea Month with us at your nearest Canteen dining location and have a little fun by trying out these delicious additions! You can also check out our offerings of bottled teas at your local vending or Avenue C location. Happy National Iced Tea Month!

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