The countertop range of bottlers from Vivreau harness the output of our high volume bottlers while preserving the smaller footprint of our Vi Tap. One of our most popular product lines, the countertop range is ideal for those servicing high traffic locations with limited available installation space. Sleek cobra-style dispensing taps can be separated from main unit to limit visible equipment.
  • Stand-alone unit sits atop surface, just the CO2 canister is below the counter Compact footprint relative to output
  • Multiple configurations also allow system to be installed entirely under the counter to resolve space challenges
  • Perfect for office pantries, corporate kitchens and lounge areas
  • Equipped with alarms for CO2 bottle replacement, power and service requirements 60 Vivreau designer glass bottles and one wash rack included with each system
  • Ready to provide clean, sustainable water for your team? Contact us today!
Countertop Bottler (V3-204) 2

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