Vivreau’s award-winning Vi Tap, a signature system in our portfolio, is the perfect water dispenser to suit all your needs at the touch of a button. The Vi Tap is favored by clients looking for ease of use and multi-functionality in a single water system, equally at home in a VIP lounge, staff pantry, break room or high-end hospitality environment. The Vi Tap’s stylish and contemporary chrome-finished dispenser can provide chilled still, chilled sparkling and instant hot water via digital touchpad.
  • Filtered chilled still, sparkling and instant hot water from one single tap Touch sensor control
  • Perfect flow with zero splash
  • Removable dispense nozzle for improved hygiene Advanced modern design dispense tap head
  • High performance refrigeration system delivering very high volumes of chilled drinking water Touch control dispense with two-touch hot water safety feature
  • Plumbed to waste, flush fitting drip tray Anti-leak detection as standard
  • Long lasting sub-micron activated carbon block water filter fitted as standard For use with glassware, personal vessels, and sports bottles
  • Ready to provide clean, sustainable water for your team? Contact us today!
Vi Tap 2H full

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