What’s Hot This June

June is the first month of summer and everyone’s ready for some fun in the sun! It’s time to break out the summery snacks and cool refreshments to celebrate the change of seasons. As temperatures continue to rise, you’ll want to stock yourpantry with familiar favorites and new items to keep people excited about what’s inside. Check out which trends are really heating up this month:

  • Rotate heavy, winter flavors with lighter ones perfect for summer to keep interest and engagement high.
  • New ways to pop! Try new popcorn popping methods and add unique flavors, like rosemary or truffle.
  • Warmer weather brings about a renewed focus on flavorful hydration. Time to break out the fruit-flavored water!
  • Look for new spicy and ethnic flavors like turmeric, cardamom and ghost pepper throughout the season.
  • Many companies are responding to changing preferences by using substitutes for sugar or removing sugar altogether!

Fully stocked pantries with fun, seasonal options help to encourage more teamwork and higher productivity. Contact a local Canteen representative to learn more about which pantry options might work for you. Be sure to stay tuned for next month’s seasonal varieties!Seasonal Varieties

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