Working Together for Our Youth: AMI Kids and our Southeast Team

AMI Kids and Canteen Southwest Team

There is nothing better than when people come together to make a difference in the community. Our Southeast team’s dedication to AMI Kids is the perfect example.

The Backstory

It all started with a trip to White Pines, SC where Regional Director, Sandy Goodson, first met James. He was an AMI Kid who instantly stole Sandy’s heart and ignited a passion in her to make a positive impact in the lives of under-served children.

Sandys Quote

And since 2017, Sandy and our Southeast team have raised over $38,000 for AMI Kids!

Who is AMI Kids?

To give a little background, the Associated Marine Institutes (AMI) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to give troubled youth the support they need to become great people. AMI Kids offers a variety of programs across the United States such as juvenile justice, education, and child welfare. What a great cause!

Canteen Southeast Team

Thanks to our Southeast team’s partnership with this great organization, they have been able to impact the lives of countless kids. And they aren’t stopping anytime soon. In fact, the Southeast team has started their next fundraiser raffling a prize pack from The Dale Jr Foundation-Driven to Give. Way to go, Southeast team!

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