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As the largest unattended retail provider in the U.S., we leverage design expertise, consumer insights, and the latest in product and equipment innovation to help you create a better workplace and connect your employees.  Whether your team is looking for great coffee to kick-start their morning, grab a quick meal, or indulge in their favorite snack, Canteen covers it all with convenience and great service.


Portfolio of Options

We offer service across multiple lines of business, including micro-markets, traditional vending, specialty coffee, pantry services, and culinary.


Food without Friction

Our goal is to provide the food you want when you want it through your preferred method of payment and delivery—a concept we call food without friction.


Market Leader

We have led our industry for 90+ years and are the only truly national service provider with over 225 distribution locations across 48 states.


98% Retention Rate

We work hard to ensure our partnership offers long-term commitment.

Elevate your breakroom

Give your workplace the community your team needs to connect and collaborate. Build a space where conversation can flow and creativity flourish. We design breakrooms that fit your space's unique style using the latest trends. Combined with delicious meals, snacks, and hot or cold beverages, our breakrooms will surely be your associates' new favorite place.


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Micro Markets or Vending Machines: Which is Right for Your Business?

All that glitters may not be gold… but wow, a newly installed micro market sure does shine. In the last decade, micro markets have become a trend, and the industry has grown significantly. The North American micro market size was worth $3,950.4 million in 2022 and is expected to grow 13% from 2023 to 2030.…

How to Get to Avenue C

Take a look at the street signs around the office. More importantly, look at the ones leading you toward the snacks, drinks, and coffee in your office. Are you seeing an outdated drip coffee machine? What about the same three snack options on a weekly rotation? You might be finding yourself in a labyrinth of…

How to Support Your Employees through Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

  At the start of winter, and especially after the holiday rush, you may notice a shift in attitudes around the office. During this time of year, we can expect shorter days and dreary weather. At the beginning of the year, many employees come down with the “winter blues,” or more severely, Seasonal Affective Disorder…

The Importance of Gluten-free Offerings in Your Workplace

  When gluten-free first became popular, it may have seemed like a fad diet. Today, it’s proven its staying power, and it’s grown out of both popularity and necessity. Many people need gluten-free food to be their healthiest selves. When there aren’t any gluten-free options in the office, you’re excluding a portion of employees. It’s…

The Importance of Breaks: 4 Tips to Make Your Break Worth It

We’ve all had workdays where we’ve prioritized pushing through to get more tasks checked off our lists instead of listening to our bodies and minds to take breaks when necessary. Whether you’ve missed your lunch break after being sucked into your inbox or sat for too long in consecutive meetings, you deserve to take a…

Gut-Healthy Beverages: An Alternative to Sodas

Have you ever wanted to quench soda cravings without the guilt of high sugar content and artificial products? Maybe you’re looking for alternatives that are both tasty and functional. A growing trend in gut-focused drinks opens opportunities for great soda alternatives to take centerstage. These beverages contain beneficial probiotics and other natural ingredients that promote…

9 Factors Defining Sustainable Break Rooms in 2023

At Canteen, we’re committing to being better stewards of the environment. Sustainability is a core part of our strategy, what we stand for, and what we offer as a company. Our Sustainability Platform centers around purpose – How do our offerings support communities and people where we live and conduct business, and how are we…

Primavera Cauliflower Sauce for Pasta and Veggies


Celebrating Black History Month with Me & the Bees Lemonade

At Me & the Bees Lemonade, business is naturally sweet thanks to one of their primary ingredients: honey. When she was four years old, two bee stings changed Mikaila Fulmer’s life forever. She learned more about the importance of the little creatures and their impact on the world around us. With the creation of her…

Celebrate National Gluten-Free Day with Partake

January 13th is National Gluten-Free Day! To celebrate, we’re highlighting Partake and its fantastic line of gluten-free snacks. Denise Woodard founded Partake in 2016 as a mom who wanted to create snacks that her daughter, Vivienne (Vivi), could safely enjoy without worrying about her food allergies. Let’s take a look at why Partake is such…