We Bring Break Time to Everyone

As the largest vending company in the nation, we feed guests during those unexpected moments when they crave a snack or meal.  Our innovative technology, healthy options, dedicated service, and custom solutions have kept us as a leader in the industry since it all began.  

Clean, filled and working – you can count on us as your vending company.  Our technicians and service representatives keep machines stocked and maintained, bringing new meaning to full-service vending.  From coast to coast with our network of corporate and franchise branches, we can provide the same great vending services no matter where you’re located through our Canteen One team. 


We’re always innovating with products and equipment, like PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Vending and contactless operation, to give you easy 24/7 access to what you need. Many of our vending machines are mobile payment ready for safe and convenient transactions. Contactless and cashless payment options cut transaction time and ensure customer safety.


SmartService generates live updates from our vending machines every six hours, informing us what has sold and when machines need maintenance. We analyze the selling data, using it to select the exact products needing replenishment in each machine, guaranteeing you have the right product mix at all times. With a heads up on maintenance needs, we can sub-route drivers, keeping them in a smaller geographic area for faster, more efficient service.

Best People

And we couldn’t do it without our great people.  We provide training, support and development opportunities as well as provide ongoing checks to ensure we attract, onboard and retain the very best talent to serve you.  

Here's What You Get When You Partner With Us:

  • New products and by rotating out slow sellers

  • More choices from snacks and beverages to PPE, vending helps you snack safely.

  • Data analysis to customize your menu selection

  • Vending machines that offer healthy options for busy lifestyles

  • Our Choice Plus program features better-for-you snacks that are lower in calories, fat, sodium and sugar than traditional snacks

  • Reliable deliveries through route scheduling

  • Safe products through our sourcing and purchasing arm, Foodbuy

  • Accuracy of commission information and sales data

  • Direct access to us through the Connect label, making it easy to request service or a refund

  • LED lighting and motion sensors reduce energy consumption to help the environment and your power bill

  • Innovative vending solutions including Bluetooth capabilities, mobile and cashless payment, interactive games, and touchscreens

It's Easy to Get Started

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"Canteen goes above and beyond with timely product fills, quality products, quick addressing of any issues, and great follow-up.  This year our revenues are up again, for the 3rd straight year.  Our enrollment hasn’t increased that much, and I can only attribute this to the team staying on top of things, coordinating projects with us, and ensuring that we have clean, functional machines, which are stocked with fresh and appealing goods."

-Jeffrey F., Higher Education Client