Food Connects People

Great food brings people together. When people connect over a meal, it gives them time to refuel and build relationships with others.  

We deliver culinary excellence to guests at corporate workplaces, manufacturing companies, college campuses, and organizations of all sizes.  Infusing the best wellness and sustainability practices, seasonal and authentic ingredients ensures we serve delicious meals every time. With Canteen as your food service company, we’ll create dining experiences your guests love.

Here's Why You'll Love Our Food Service Program:

  • Cuisines feature seasonal produce, green initiatives, and quality ingredients

  • Through our market research, we use data to create menus

  • Promotions add excitement to the café 

  • Balance encourages guests to engage in the journey to a healthier community, planet, and ultimately, a healthier you

  • We offer the latest technology including self-serve kiosks, digital signage, and online ordering

  • We keep food safe through our quality assurance procedures, ongoing monitoring of standards, detailed record keeping, and staff training

  • Third-party food safety audit adds an extra layer of safety for guests

  • Catering service available for any event

"Canteen has made my job so much easier.  They have created a culture and a community in our café that is distinctive from the workplace environment upstairs, and that experience sells itself.  Also, the food is creative and constantly innovative."

-Esther H., Manufacturing Client

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