Industry-Leading Measures

At Canteen, we are committed to doing the right thing for planet and people. Sustainability is part of our overarching strategy, and truly a journey that we are on for the long-term. Learn more about our sustainability journey below.

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

What sets us apart is that our Global Road Map to Net Zero is built on a foundation of approved science-based targets, our commitment to carbon neutrality in our operations by 2030 and our commitment to reach climate net zero by 2050. We will work to achieve these targets through a variety of ways.

Canteen warehouses are optimizing energy efficiency and opting for renewable energy packages where available
We promote a circular economy by enhancing recycling rates, optimizing ordering and forecasting systems to prevent food waste, and diverting as much of what remains from the landfill. We also partner with Feeding America to divert food to communities in need whenever possible.

Responsible Sourcing

Canteen leads the industry in responsible sourcing. Our team is committed to continuous improvement of our socially responsible sourcing practices in alignment with industry-accepted certifications and standards. In 2022:

97% of milk and 95% of our yogurt was rBGH-free

90% of our eggs were cage-free

24% of coffee was certified through one of the following industry-accepted ethical and sustainable production standards:
Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and CAFE Practices

Building a
Better Break

Whatever your sustainability goals are, we can create a breakroom solution that helps you meet them.

Package-reduced options and package-free bulk snack and beverage dispensing

Compostable disposables

Plastic-free beverage programs

EnergyStar equipment and LED lighting

Recycled or repurposed materials in shelving, racks and build-outs

Canteen Dining Attendant

Sustainable Dining

Every step we take to reduce waste in our cafés is a step toward a more sustainable future. We prioritize waste reduction at each stage of our dining operations to make tomorrow a little brighter and focus on menu innovation to provide delicious, nutrient-rich meals for our guests while protecting and improving the health of our planet.

We work with farmers to rescue visually imperfect produce from going to waste and use Waste Not 2.0, Compass Group’s proprietary waste tracking tool, to track, measure, and reduce food waste by preventing overproduction. We also celebrate Stop Food Waste Day, an annual event designed to teach guests the environmental, social, and financial impact of food waste and provide tips on ways they can save food at home.

The Journey Continues

We welcome the opportunity to share more about our sustainability journey with you and learn how to partner on a collective journey to net neutral and net zero. Connect with us to start the conversation.

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