Green Practices

We commit to making sustainability a part of who we are, what we stand for and what we offer as a company.  Our mission is to deliver better breaks that are better for you and better for the environment, because it’s the right thing to do. We aim to deliver solutions that meet our clients’ sustainability and wellness goals by creating an environment that encourages wellbeing for people and planet. 

Our Sustainability Platform is made up of three pillars - environmental game changers, better for the world, and health and wellness. Below are some of the areas where we hope to make the greatest impact through this platform.

Here’s Why You’ll Love Our Commitment to Sustainability

  • Our culinary teams use our proprietary waste reduction tool, Waste Not, to track, measure and mitigate food waste over time.

  • We proactively seek, test and evaluate technology to improve the efficiency of our fleet.

  • We offer a suite of customizable solutions that focus on a more circular approach to waste.

  • RightWater, our standard value water, is locally sourced, 100% recyclable and BPA free, and every bottle sold funds clean water projects across the globe.

  • Our Choice Plus program is designed by our team of registered dietitians and culinary experts to include popular products that also meet criteria supported by the latest nutrition research.

  • Our vision of the breakroom of the future is a collaborative and inviting space that uses minimal energy and creates drastically less landfill-bound waste than the breakroom of today.

  • Whether it’s craft coffee, specialty tea or innovative dispensed water solutions, we pride ourselves on our sustainable sourcing practices.

  • enr.G, a fresh approach to vending, provides snacks and drinks that nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

  • We are committed to reducing our impact by providing sustainable alternatives to single-use disposables.

Bringing our Sustainability Platform to Life

Is your breakroom aligned to your sustainability and wellness goals? See the details of how we can deliver a better break to you and the environment in our Sustainability Whitepaper.

Sustainability Whitepare

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