As an industry leader, we seek new ideas, fresh solutions, and cutting-edge technology to provide new levels of service for our clients. Offices, hospitals, universities, and every other business we serve can count on our unwavering dedication to introduce new products and continuously improve our services.

Whether it’s vending services or a market for your breakroom, snacks, and supplies for your pantry, or coffee for your office, innovation is one of the keys to happy customers. Our resources offer a glimpse into some of the best practices, trends, and research that are driving innovation in our industry. We use these tools to help us create the best environment for you and your guests.

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A conversation on coffee with Tradecraft's Michael Kaiser

A Conversation on Coffee with Tradecraft’s Michael Kaiser

Did you know that the average American worker spends about 24 minutes per day making and drinking coffee? Don't worry, ...
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3 Reasons to Have a Community Space at Work

Unprecedented. While it wasn't 2020's word of the year, it was undoubtedly thrown around enough to be in our top ...
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Snacks, Health, and Mindfulness with Charles Coristine of LesserEvil

We've been diving into what wellness means and how it relates to both a healthy body and mind. So, this ...
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Cauliflower Carnitas Tacos with Roasted Tomato and Pepita Salsa Recipe

Cauliflower. This simple and often overlooked vegetable is actually an incredible superfood ready to provide all kinds of fiber, vitamins, and ...
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Canteen’s Safety Culture Interview with Director of Safety, Carl Foden

It’s no secret that our people and their safety is a top priority here at Canteen. From driving trucks to ...
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How to Create a Safer Workplace

How to Create a Safer Workplace

June is National Safety Month, and at Canteen, we pride ourselves on promising a safe workplace for our teams across ...
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Chef A.J. Moll Cooks Healthy Meals for Students

We all know that getting kids to eat healthy food can sometimes be a challenge. Canteen Chef A.J. Moll accepted ...
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Delivering Better Breaks for the Environment

Did you know 33% of all food produced globally is lost or wasted every year? With a shocking statistic like ...
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Canteen's 2020 Sustainability Scorecard

Canteen’s 2020 Sustainability Scorecard

Each year, we like to put together a list of sustainable efforts by the numbers. We can reflect on brand-wide ...
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Celebrating Women of Canteen

International Women’s Day is every year on March 8th, but we believe women should be celebrated every day. From across ...
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