As an industry leader, we seek new ideas, fresh solutions, and cutting-edge technology to provide new levels of service for our clients. Offices, hospitals, universities, and every other business we serve can count on our unwavering dedication to introduce new products and continuously improve our services.

Whether it’s vending services or a market for your breakroom, snacks, and supplies for your pantry, or coffee for your office, innovation is one of the keys to happy customers. Our resources offer a glimpse into some of the best practices, trends, and research that are driving innovation in our industry. We use these tools to help us create the best environment for you and your guests.

Latest Posts

Snack Hacks with Canteen Snack Boxes

Take Your Snacks Up a Notch With These Snack Hacks

By now, most of us have gotten into a good groove with the current situation surrounding coronavirus, causing us to ...
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Jenifer Halin Canteen

Jenifer Halin’s Passionate Journey through the Food Industry

At just 29 years old, Jenifer Halin opened her first restaurant. She quickly built a following and knew the food industry would be her home for years to come. From ...
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hot tea: what to drink and when

Hot Tea: What to Drink and When

    The secret to a long life is hot tea. Sure, that's a bit of a blanket statement, but ...
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Investing in Our Most Valuable Resource, Our People

The 29 days in our shortest month of the year are packed with love and well wishes – the aisles ...
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building a sustainable breakroom blog post header image

9 Ways We’re Building a More Sustainable Breakroom

With January here, there are renewed commitments to better oneself – to eat better, live better, do better.  At Canteen, ...
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new year blog post heading image

New Year, New Habits: How to be Active, Healthy, and Productive in the New Year

Making New Year's Resolutions is as much a tradition as parties and watching the ball drop. Unfortunately, sticking to them ...
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title image for chef russell

Chef Russell Szekely has Delicious Tips for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving has arrived and while it’s a time to share what we’re grateful for, it’s also time to eat. Before ...
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title image for the new connect and pay app

The New Connect & Pay App

Today’s consumer is more mobile than ever. Today’s workforce is no different. They’re no longer tethered to their desks; they ...
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Title image with a cup of black coffee

Specialty Coffee: Riding the Coffee Wave

Everyone has a preference when it comes to coffee. Some like it darker than night, others would prefer a cup ...
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post featured image food for thought

Food for Thought: An Interview With Our Director of Innovation, Jessi Moffitt

Welcome to the first edition of Food For Thought, a blog where we interview Canteen’s executives and learn more about ...
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