About Us

We help you take the best breaks possible.

We’re not just giving people a quick snack, we’re creating places, moments, and opportunities for them to connect.

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We go beyond being convenient.

People can’t keep going unless they stop for a moment. Since we began in 1929, people’s lives have changed. What’s important has changed, and likes have changed too. One thing has stayed the same, though: good things happen when people take a break. That’s cemented our purpose – we bring break time to everyone.

We go beyond convenience by using technology to continually innovate and give people what they want when they want it. It’s what drives our employees every day. Each account, from a Fortune 500 company to a small organization, is handled with a customer-first, always friendly approach. After all, our partners rely on us to keep people happy, revived, and moving forward. Stopping for a delicious, healthy, quick break is something that allows everyone to make the most of their day.

Our Family

Canteen is a family of companies serving clients across the country with both national and regional offerings for our markets, dining, coffee, and vending lines of business.

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Our Pillars

We do more than deliver the best snacks

Our positive impact extends from our local community to the global environment as a whole. As a Canteen partner, you’ll see our programs focus on honoring diversity, creating a healthier environment, and engaging in the local community.

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Our Commitment to Diversity

We support diverse-owned businesses

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are key to innovation, providing insights into our business that allow us to provide culturally sensitive products and services across all markets. Continued partnerships with our vast supplier network enable us to expand the breadth of available products to satisfy multicultural marketplaces across the country.

Our People

We invest in our greatest asset

We know our associates are a key component to our continued success and client satisfaction. We empower each associate with an entrepreneurial spirit and encourage multidisciplinary leaders to work without walls, providing fully integrated solutions to both associates and clients. By breaking down barriers, we provide holistic solutions to solve even the most challenging business issues.

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Food Waste

Our sustainable future

We're building a better break

At Canteen, doing the right thing is at the core of our balanced culture. This approach empowers us to advocate for change, push for transparency, and look to be more socially and environmentally responsible. For over a decade, Canteen and our parent company, Compass Group, have been pioneers in the industry for our sustainability commitments.

Our nationwide network

We deliver at an unmatched scale

Because we support locations from coast to coast, we provide nationally scaled and consistent offerings to our clients and their teams. Our distinction is that we have the largest scale of self-operated locations nationwide and in Canada. We go to market as an integrated company and franchise business model designed to support small businesses and national accounts alike. Simply put, Canteen is your one-stop shop when it comes to providing national scale for your unattended retail programs.

As a company and a family, Canteen prides itself on being active members of the community. We strive to empower the communities where we live and work through our Canteen Cares initiative, whether it’s producing meal kits for remote school feeding, supplying food and water for disaster relief, or providing clean drinking water to communities around the world, and so much more.

Canteen Associates serving food out of a truck

About Compass Group

We’re a proud member of Compass Group North America, the national leader in food service management and support services. Together, we serve over 10 million meals a day in award-winning restaurants, corporate cafes, hospitals, schools, arenas, museums, and other sites. So, chances are, if you’ve had a meal or snack while you were away from home, you’ve eaten with us. Together, we’re proud of the many accomplishments we’ve achieved and the incredible team that helped make it possible.