Types and Technology

Innovation for easier snacking

With multiple buildouts and checkout options that can accommodate a variety of space requirements, we give guests something to smile about. Here are the different types of markets and the technology that powers them.



Large markets made simple

Perfect for locations with populations of 200 or more, this is our full build-out market solution, equipped with a payment kiosk that accepts credit cards, mobile wallet, thumbprints, cash to account or our Connect and Pay® app.


A medium footprint with big capabilities

This market solution brings the same great service to offices, schools, and more. Designed for populations of 100-200, tablet solutions accept credit card payments plus mobile accounts via our Connect and Pay® app.

Mobile Avenue C


Tight spaces call for efficient solutions

This compact market solution is perfect for populations of 25-100 and can be installed against a wall or on a countertop. Fun fact: there’s no payment kiosk here. To check out, guests simply use the Connect and Pay® app.

Smart Market

All-in-one secure snacking

Our controlled-access doors on this market are perfect for public spaces. And, the extra security gives you peace of mind guests get what they want when they want it.

Canteen Smart Market

Grab and Go

Easy snacking for your associates

When you want to offer the best for your team, our pantry options provide a full-service experience at no cost to your associates. Offer a subsidized office snack program and create a break room and work environment your team will love.