Gut-Healthy Beverages: An Alternative to Sodas

Enjoy a bit of the bubbly

Have you ever wanted to quench soda cravings without the guilt of high sugar content and artificial products? Maybe you’re looking for alternatives that are both tasty and functional. A growing trend in gut-focused drinks opens opportunities for great soda alternatives to take centerstage. These beverages contain beneficial probiotics and other natural ingredients that promote optimal gut function. Probiotics help maintain healthy gut bacteria balance, which is essential for proper digestion and immune function. Additionally, many gut-health drinks contain low sugar levels or natural sweeteners, making them a healthier option for those who want to reduce their sugar intake.  Help support your team’s digestive health and overall wellbeing by choosing gut-healthy drinks over soda.


Kombucha has become a popular drink in recent years, with many health-conscious individuals turning to this fermented tea for its numerous benefits. From Brew Dr and Health-Ade to GT’s and Rowdy Mermaid, there are plenty of brands to choose from when trying this beverage. Kombucha is chock-full of those all-essential probiotics. Some brands, like KOE and Kevita, even offer unique fruit flavor combinations, making it easy to find a flavor that suits your tastebuds. So if you’re looking for a delicious way to improve your digestive health, kombucha may be the drink for you.

New Age Sodas

Tired of the same old soda routine? It might be time to switch things up and try some refreshing soda alternatives. Poppi, Olipop, Health-Ade, and Rowdy Mermaid offer great options to satisfy those carbonated cravings. Poppi provides a fruity twist on traditional soda with flavors like strawberry lemon, orange, and raspberry rose. Olipop adds a touch of nostalgia with flavors like vintage cola, classic root beer, and cherry vanilla. Health-Ade offers a healthier take on soda with kombucha-based flavors like ginger-fizz and apple-snap. Finally, Rowdy Mermaid’s sparkling tonics combine unique flavors like strawberry basil and blackberry ashwagandha to create unique drinking experiences. So, go ahead, ditch traditional soda and pops, and quench your thirst with these innovative alternatives.

Other beverages with health benefits that satisfy soda cravings

Still haven’t found what you’re craving? Plenty of other options are available that not only hydrate but also provide health benefits. Wildwonder infuses its adaptogenic sparkling drinks with herbs like ashwagandha and tulsi, known for their stress-reducing properties. Karma Water, on the other hand, infuses its water with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, allowing you to quench your thirst while giving your body a subtle boost of nutrition. Vive Organic offers a line of cold-pressed juices with added nutrients and probiotics for those seeking immunity-boosting juice shots. And for a fizzy fix, Rishi Sparkling Botanicals has a line of sparkling teas infused with botanical flavors. With so many options, satisfying your thirst while reaping health benefits has never been easier.


All in all, taking care of your gut health doesn’t have to be a challenge. Kombucha is definitely a beverage worth giving a try if you’re looking for something that can give soda some friendly competition without the need for artificial ingredients. Full of beneficial ingredients, it’s becoming increasingly popular. There are so many options; you’re sure to find one that fits your tastes and lifestyle. Other substitutes, such as carbonated waters spiked with natural citrus juice or green tea botanicals, offer great alternatives for those seeking alternatives to traditional sodas, offering flavor and variety while still being free of damaging sugars and fillers. Boosting gut health can start right in your break room today! Check out these options and let us know what you want in your workplace today!

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